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Ruinedworld is the creative hub, and digital footprint of artist / illustrator Mike Johnston aka Mike Ruined, or just Ruined. Mike is a multifaceted artist / illustrator, and sometimes avid gamer. that works in a wide range of media and genres, but tends to frequent horror, sci-fi, and surrealist themes with a pop culture twist… More info!

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News & Updates

  1. 03/24/17 - There has been a massive lack of news updates, and that's because I am very busy at work, doing work stuff work makes me do.... So that's a good thing!
  2. 05/4/16 - Just finished the jersey logo / illustration for a corporate sponsored hockey team, the Desk Jockeys! It had a quick turn around, but I pretty much had 100% freedom on it, so it was fun. You cant beat being able to do what ever you want from the get go.
  3. 10/30/15 - Uploaded a Zombie portrait video of scream queen Linnea Quigley to Youtube - https://youtu.be/h0JtoBhWfzw