Welcome to Ruinedworld.com

Well I successfully survived the apocalypse… You on the other hand… Not so much. Hey it’s ok; you’re a slobbering cannibalistic mutant corpse. So at least you got that going for you. In fact the entire population of the world has become uncoordinated flesh starved zombies. That is, all but me…

Where do we begin to rebuild society into the twisted corrupt class based system that it was before you ask? We don’t! At least I don’t! I think it’s better this way. We have me living in my underground bunker far away from the ruins of what once was. Then we have you, staring blankly into corners. Stumbling around all day, and moaning at shadows.

What you really need to enlighten your shabby afterlife is some artwork. Yes, your rotten undead existence will not be fulfilled until you get some artwork to hang up on your crumbling ruined wall. It will give you something to actually stare at, or at least appear to stare at.

So what are you waiting for! LETS DO SOME ART!

Website Overhaul...

I am currently in the process, of ripping apart my entire website and making new graphics and such for it. Those of you who do web design know this is a pretty big task, especially when the only time to do it is when I am done with work, and you want to build the entire thing from the ground up... so yea... It will get done... at some point!

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