You have questions that you ask frequently? I have answers that I make to questions that I get asked frequently. Though the answers might not be as serious as you might like, but then I don't take anything serious, life is far to short to worry about everything all the time... Don't get me wrong, stuff gets under my skin, but I have the ability to vent in my art or through non-confrontational means. I have a remarkable ability to completely drop things, and move onto another subject.. Doctors call it ADHD..

    Q: Are you crazy, evil, psychotic or have multiple personalities?
  • A: No, no, no and no, well the last one might be up to debate. I am just a very open minded person, I like many different styles and genres, and enjoy working in them all. I can draw a cutesy teddy bear skipping through a field of flowers… and then draw a killer zombie teddy bear skipping through a field of dead bodies.. I don't feel that I need to or should limit myself to any one particular theme.
    Q: Do you worship Satin?
  • A: No, but I do like how it feels… silky smooth!
    Q: Do you warship Satan?
  • A: Um... You sank my battleship... Satan!
    Q: Do you worship Satan, the Devil, Lucifer?
  • A: No
    Q: You are going to burn in hell, Jesus saves!
  • A: Is that a question? Well only if there is pie.. I like pie..
    Q: How do you draw this stuff?
  • A: I have a good imagination, and watch a lot of movies..
    Q: How do you do that?
  • A: I assume you are talking about "this stuff"? Its magic…
    Q: How much do you charge?
  • A: It really depends on the subject matter and how it's going to be used. A personal drawing you want to give Joe the plumber for his birthday is going to cost less then a multinational corporation with plans of world domination. So hit me up on my contacts page, and ill throw you a quote.
    Q: Can you draw me as a zombie? For free?
  • A: Yes I can draw you as a zombie, no I can't do it for free, this is what I do for a living, and unfortunately until everyone else in the world starts working for free and not charging for food, rent, shoes… toilet paper… ect I have to charge for my time so I can buy stuff.
    Q: Can I use your art for something?
  • A: Only if you pay me for the usage. Why? See above..
    Q: Didnt you used to tattoo? Do you still tattoo? If not... why?
  • A: Yes.. No, I no longer tattoo, it was getting really hard with my eye condition.. So I had to retire.
    Q: Can you still draw my tats..?
  • A: Yup... I can still draw, it was just the whole... cant see... permanent needles in skin thing that was making it hard to continue.
    Q: Can I give you LOTS of money?
  • A: Why yes…. Yes you can! Ok I made this one up, but if there are any takers… id be happy to take your money..